Monet’s Woman with a Parasol

"Woman with Parasol" in copy
“Woman with Parasol” in copy

Claude Monet’s Woman with a Parasol copied at the National Gallery of Art.  The challenge with this particular painting is the spontaneous and quick way that Monet created it as have been most impressionist paintings.  It is said that Monet painted it in four hours.  It is easy to see the quickness in the painting.  It took me much longer to try to duplicate this painting especially the clouds.  I find Impressionism more difficult to copy but it’s a great learning tool and it helps me make quick decisions.  This painting is located at the entrance to the impressionist gallery and the room is always filled with many visitors that love to make comments as I paint.  Comments are helpful because often the public sees something that I don’t see or miss.  I can’t step back to evaluate what I’m doing as there is always a crowd behind me but everyone is very kind and complimentary.  I’ve become use to the tour groups coming through.  I need to be prepared to explain to the crowds what I’m doing, the tour guides enjoy including me as part of their tour.  It’s all fun, especially the young children who often want to help me paint.