The Metropolitan Museum of Art

MET - NYC full view
Copying Renoir “Still Life with Peaches”

I’ve put another check mark on my bucket list.  As a high school student living in New York City, I often took trips to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. As I walked through the great galleries, the feelings I experienced were multiple.  It was almost unrealistic that someone could actually paint such magnificent works of art.  I remember being entranced, walking around in a state of awe, not quite understanding what I was feeling, but happy to be there soaking in such beauty and color while observing the unbelievable skills of the master artists.

During the time period of July 8 through July 19, 2013, I realized a dream I thought could never happen. I became a Copyist at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  I was doing what I loved in my own home town –  the beloved city of New York.  After a long application process I was accepted in the program, one of five copyists selected for the summer season.  I copied Auguste Renior’s “Still Life with Peaches.” It was an unbelievable experience to be so close to that magnificent painting.  I met art lovers from all over the world, exchanged stories, answered many questions while loving everyday and every moment.  The museum staff was wonderful and helpful.  The copy drew tremendous interest and many positive comments from the patrons.

A special thanks to my dear friends Camille and Joe who opened their city apartment to me.  It is conveniently located and enabled me to travel daily to the MET with a load of art supplies.  Without their generosity and support, this experience may have never happened.

3 thoughts on “The Metropolitan Museum of Art

  1. Sonia….loved the story and the Painting! I am soooo happy for you and all that you are accomplishing! Keep up the great work…. Terry

  2. So happy for you that your experience in our city was all positive. I would have loved to have popped by, but was in South Africa while you were painting. Congratulations on a lovely piece of artwork. Ellie (we met in National Gallery, DC)

  3. Hi Sonia, Congratulations! not many people get to achieve their long term goals and I’m so glad you did. It is inspiring to see the passion you have for your paintings and the passion certainly comes through in your work. Love, Marge

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