View of The Pond

View of The Pond
View of The Pond

I have been teaching watercolor classes to students practicing social distancing and wearing masks. You don’t need much equipment and you can complete a painting in a short period of time. What I love about watercolor painting is that you can allow the paint to just flow on the paper. The looser the paint handling the better the painting looks. Simplicity makes painting enjoyable and fun. My students love being able to create and complete a painting in one sitting. Their masterpiece is ready to mat and frame by the end of the class.

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  1. Sonia sorry but I’m not sure I know your email to send the pics; I don’t think my attempt they went through? I replied in writing to your post. But I think I have an incorrect address of your email. Thanks~Ron

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  2. Wow Sonia, beautiful painting! So good to hear from you! I high-tailed it from California when the virus blasted onto the scene, and have been hunkered down in my house in Maryland since late March. Got a sweet new puppy to keep me company. Meet Hunter! Hugs, Marie

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